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More Fun stress Less Workplace 

12 weeks of yoga, 1-2 classes a week, designed specifically for your workplace needs. Each week progressively works through different styles of yoga that feature energetic movement classes, to joyful yoga practices and deep relaxation. This package helps build teamwork and support that foster a positive environment. When yoga connects people through growth and exploration all that practice together connect to the culture of wellness and bond through this experience of oneness.  



Rest, Digest & more Rest is the best

Did you know that in the deepest depths of sleep our entire system is digesting. Our mind is digesting the information from the day to consolidate and save as memory. Our nervous system is wiring and in a sense digesting all of the overload so that it can function upon waking and our actual digestive system does its best work during the sleeping hours. Without rest and sleep we never reset, restore and it gets harder and harder to function or sustain health and wellness. 


If you like feeling at peak performance, or you want to experience the benefits of deep sleep this package is for you!


12 weeks, 1-2 classes a week, of Yoga Nidra a sleep-based guided meditation. Classes start with gentle movement, breathing techniques and mindfulness practices to ultimately guide us into the deepest levels of relaxation. Through this the brainwaves intermittently dip into Delta waves. When this occurs our system naturally balances hormones, senses and emotions, digests and releases toxins, restores healthy immune function and releases cortisol the stress and belly fat hormone. One session of yoga nidra is equal to 3/hrs of deep sleep. The results are in the practice. Sooth the stress and whole self with this Sleep based meditation. 


Wholesome Boost

12 weeks of yoga, 1-2 classes a week for up to 30 people, series of higher energy  classes that target boosting energy levels, stamina and mood. Each class will feature specialized breathing techniques, energizing movement and mindfulness practices to focus the mind and enhance the mood. 


Women Just wanna strong Asana 

12 weeks of yoga, 1-2 classes a week, that focus on building internal and external strength and ease among other women. Each class builds on the next as we take a journey that focuses on the whole person connecting the layers of strength and developing the ease that allows for us to internally and externally live fully as who we are in health and wellness.



12 weeks, 1-2 classes a week for up to 30 people, of Yin Yoga good for the connective tissue and joint health. Take a 12 week journey to unwinding the possible bunching and shortening of the connective tissue. Lubricate the joints and reduce changes of joint fixation. 



Create Your Own

12 weeks, 1-2 classes a week for up to 30 people. Check out our class descriptions and lets build a program that works for your place and space so that we can connect your people to wellness. 

Rates and Details

Frequency: Minimum of 1-2 classes per week

Rate: Varies. Typically, $125 per class for up to 30 people, approximately $8 per person per class (at the rate of $125 with 30 people cost is about $8 per person.)


Props: Our cost includes yoga mats and props for borrowed use. 

Space: Typically delivered as a 12-26 week program, at least 1-2 times a week, anywhere between 15-60 minutes in length (depending on what is scheduled for the visit).


While this is typical, there is flexibility within creating a program and schedule based on the individual needs of the workplace. Discovery of these needs help design a yoga program that is meaningful and successful.

Ask about our specials! Always special rates for groups of First Responders and Seniors. 

Events, workshops, lunch-ins, retreats differ in cost. Please reach out to us today to discuss how we can help bring wellness to you.

Listed here are more details of the various types of Yoga classes that we deliver to you.

Schedule a consultation today and get 1 free 60 minute demo class complements of Wellness Staffers.

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