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YOGA, Movement



Yoga and/or Stretch at Your Desk combines specialized breathing techniques and physical body postures to increase resiliency and decrease tension, while cultivating energy, mental wellness and physical fitness.

Bringing yoga, stretching or mindfulness practices to the workplace has benefits of improved concentration, relief in head, neck and back strain with better posture, happier, energetic employees with increased productivity, lower stress-relate discomforts and uplifts the general well-being of the workplace.

Listed here are more details of the various types of Yoga, Stretch and Mindfulness classes that we can bring to you.


Mindfulness techniques by itself or paired with Stretching/Yoga is a great way to refocus and directly impact performance. With each person serving various different tasks, mindfulness helps bring calm and increase focus and sustained attention.


Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Breathing techniques and various mindfulness tips have been scientifically proven to be great Mindfulness tools.

Rates and Details

Rate: Depending on program being delivered and size of group. Typically we see an average of $75 per session for up to 20 minutes and  $125 per session up to 60 minutes for our corporate classes for up to 15 people with a slight increase for over 15 participants, approximately $8 per person per class (at the rate of $125 for 15 people).

Props:  Yoga mats and props for borrowed use are worked into the contracted rate.  

Class Frequency: Frequency depends on the needs of the workplace. At the office 1 -2 times a week of 15 minute stretch at your desk classes could be just the ticket to adding wellness, relaxation and a boost of employee happiness.  


While this is typical, there is flexibility within creating a program and schedule based on the individual needs of the workplace. Discovery of these needs help design a program that is meaningful and successful.

Events, workshops, lunch-ins, retreats differ in cost. Please reach out to us today to discuss how we can help bring wellness to you.

Listed here are more details of the various types of classes that we deliver to you.

Schedule a time to meet today and get 1 free up-to 30 minute demo class complements of Wellness Staffers.

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