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The workshops I teach can be scheduled for groups or individuals. All workshops can be taught/ provided on-line or in-person.  

  • Workshops are taught over the course of 2-3 days with a total of 6.- 9 hours of class time. Usually Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Or Just Friday evening and Saturday morning. 

  • Each 2 day workshop cost $79/per person and includes a PDF downloadable workbook covering workshop lessons. 

  • Each 3 day workshop cost $118/per person and includes a PDF downloadable workbook covering workshop lessons.

Workshop topic include: 

  • Mindful Momma Calm Birth - during this workshop we discover meditation, movement and restorative yoga poses that help relieve tension and discomfort during pregnancy and dive into a deeper understanding of what may be causing discomfort in the body. We will also find movement that will be useful throughout pregnancy, during labor and even after. Mostly we will find breathing practices and meditation that will help bring us to a place of calm intuitive focus. The meditation techniques we will cover will help during pregnancy, labor, postpartum, motherhood and beyond.  (3 day workshop).

  • Prenatal Movement, Yoga and Exercise - this is a very movement and breathwork focused workshop that provides a series of movements used to ease pain, safely strengthen, relax and restore us during pregnancy. Get ready to discover how to use props to support your prenatal fitness journey and find balance by including some breathing and relaxation into your daily routine. (2 day workshop).

  • DR, Pelvic Floor and Diaphragm Oh My!  - this workshop is not just for postpartum women. It is also for women who have experienced fluctuations in weight gain, for women that have a separation in their six-pack muscles, or for women who feel they have a weak core or weak pelvic floor muscles and might pee a little when they walk or jump, or those who may experience incontinences or even constipation. During this workshop we will use movement, breathing and self-assessment to discover which muscles might be getting overused and which ones we need to bring onboard to assist in developing a healthy pelvic floor and deep core. You will walk away with a better understanding on how to reclaim your body and you will be able to incorporate the specialized movements, meditation, breathing techniques, yoga and exercises that we learn into your daily routine to help safely guide you through your recovery process. (3 day workshop).

  • Focus on the Breath- all people in any season of life should join this one. In this workshop we will do A LOT of breathing to feel human. We will also learn some exercises to release tension that might be restricting our breathing. Have you ever felt super tired, a little crazy, fatigue, frazzled, overworked, foggy, have a low sex drive, feel pain in your neck, shoulders and back .. . did I say tired and just not so humany? Together we will magically transform from zombie to actual human being. We will practice many intentional deep breathing techniques that stimulate the vagus nerve sending us into a sweet sympathetic state. During our breathwork we will learn and practice restorative yoga poses that will deepen our relaxation response and melt away stress. Once we have fully zenned out we can dive into some of the reasons we are not breathing in a vagus nerve simulating kind of way. The culprits could be the demands of our day, the way we are carrying and lift little humans or big humans or things. Could be that we are always looking down at babies or phones, or that we are hunched forward feeding our babies, driving or typing on keyboards. There are other reasons for this AND we will find them! Get ready to unlock the mystical powers of deep breathing and the many wonders of the vagus nerve. (2 day workshop).

Custom Classes or Specialty Programs

Looking for Private Sessions, Group Classes or a more Specialized Program? Lets work together one-on-one or in a group setting.

Please reach out to book a free discovery session. Talk to you soon! 

  • Classes and programs delivered virtually or in-person. 

  • Classes or program could be yoga, movement, meditation, pregnancy/prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise or a combination of these.  

  • Another specialty program is Yoga for athletes (including youth)

  • Can be for individuals or groups. 

  • Specialty programs designed to meet individual or group needs and usually target a specific goal.

Price, frequency and length of program varies per group or individual. A minimum of 6 classes or sessions is required. Ready to book an introductory call or want to chat with me more? Please use the chat feature or shoot me an email


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