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Workshops are a great way to support the desire to create balanced, healthy and happy living. These social gatherings can take place at the workplace, residential community, or other event sites. Working together to learn new things allows us to share our common interests and experiences with others. These types of experiences have a lasting impact on individuals, friends and family.

Our workshops are delivered with options to choose from:  4-part series workshops, quarterly, by event or as frequently as you would like.

Holistic workshops focus on starting a dialogue about how to make progressive shifts, build new habits while creating a toolbox of resources for continued use. 

Our workshop series gives people a chance to learn how to foster healthier habits in all areas of life. Walking away with added knowledge about how to take better care of themselves through every experience in life. 

Topics are Tailored to your needs. Topics taught by Wellness Staffer certified yoga teachers, coaches and nutrition professionals. Workshops may include (but not limited to):

  • Wrist, Upper Back & Neck (Tech Neck) 

  • Mindful Leaders 

  • Mindfulness and Resiliency 

  • Stabilize and Stretch at your Desk 

  • Stress Management & Whole Body Wellness

  • Holistic Nutrition and its Benefits

  • Meals, Snacks and Smoothies – 4 part series learn how to make, take home the recipe and a serving of the item made.

  • Meditation and Sleep Training how to unwind, recharge and feel rested.

  • Yoga alignment, breathing, health and poses for all-levels building a strong foundation for a more meaningful practice.


Each workshop is structured to run 1-2 hours over the course of 4 weeks (one workshop per week or every other week); duration of workshops and frequency may be adjusted depending on the situation.

Rates and Details

  • Frequency: Event, Weekly, Annually, As Requested 

  • Attendance: Depending on Workshop type and location. Most often we require a minimum of 5 and up to 30. 

  • Rate: Contact us for a rate sheet 

  • Payment: Paid in full prior to first week of workshops; minimum commitment of 4 weeks.

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