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Yoga delivered to Schools includes developing kindness and acceptance, creative learning materials that will encourage healthy peer relationships, movement/coordination through yoga and if needed yoga mats.

Early childhood yoga, ages 5-8 yrs., focuses on playful movement, songs, and developing repetition to enhance coordination and cognitive function. Inspires creativity, joyfulness and self-love.


Around the age of 9-12 many of the classes focus on coordination skills, and more yoga postures that strengthen and lengthen the body, mindfulness, self-confidence and breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and help focus the mind. At times story telling adds to the fun as we move through different yoga postures.

Teens yoga classes are designed to strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Fostering healthy connection to how the body and mind support the whole person. Classes provide a safe place to explore how physical movement can boost our mood and ability to show-up in a positive way through self-love and expression. At this stage yoga helps us find the connection to what we focus on is where our energy flows. If we intentionally focus on a test, sports, or positive behavior then energy flows to that and builds it in a powerful way. 

Classes end with gentle discussions and encouraging words to foster a peaceful way of being.

Rates and Details

Yoga can be added as part of your school house programing that is offered weekly. In this case the school might pay for the classes.

The other option is to add yoga as a program that has a registration requirement prior to the start of the program. Each child’s parent/guardian would then register their child and pay the program cost.

Yoga is typically delivered as a semester long program, 1-2 times a week, 45-60 minutes in length. While this is typical, there is flexibility within creating a program and schedule based on the individual needs of the school. Discovery of these needs help design a yoga program that is meaningful and successful.

The cost is $10 per child per class. Maximum students per class is 24 with a minimum requirement of 12. We require payment for the entire semester at the time of registration.

Every program is customizable based on school needs, so please don’t hesitate to speak with us!

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