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Yoga cues more than the Body

Things yoga teachers might say are a lot different than what we might be experiencing in our own bodies, minds and whole self. That's okay. Listen to the postural cues. Let your body lead you safely in and out of poses and find those nuggets throughout the process. 

When a yoga teacher spits out some cues like, "lengthen and lift your top side body, pull up and strengthen the lower side, gain length through the entire spine and anchor the shin of your bent knee while flexing the toes of the straight leg." You might catch a few words and make needed adjustments and that's okay. 

What the teacher might also be saying without saying it is, "protect your knees, allow your deep core muscle to help hold, lift and support you." Its hard to fit all of these cue words into the moment while action is taking place and ease is being found amongst and within anyone one yoga posture. 

Something else that might be shared, things that teachers dont always say, during the moments of silence in each pose, but can be felt is, "you are strong and beautiful as you are. Connect to that strength that settles you into that happy joyous place of peace." We find so many of these little silent moments that are actually the most impactful. Moments that allow us to shine so bright and feel so strong and love so deep. These moments need no words. 

Shout out and big thanks to Dave for the photoshoot! 

Keep on keeping on ~ jessica carpenter

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