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Its Okay to Not be Okay.

While attending a Corporate Wellness event, a thought hit me, "People in the workplace and people in many places and spaces are wanting simple, accessible and inclusive ways to calm the mind-stuff, find a moment to breathe."

I mean really breathe. Putting space between them and work or stress. A way to take away the tension built by stress or anxiety and relax, let go.

At this event, listening to different Wellness Directors and Human Resource people speak about wellness and the lack thereof, helped bring the understanding that right now people are requesting first wellness for the mind.

Yes, I am going to say they were speaking about mental health. This is not to say people are not mentally healthy. Mental health has this stigma around it. For whatever reason if we need or want mental health it is misunderstood and therefor overlooked and pushed-under-the-rug. Why is this?

Wanting mental health or wellness for the mind is a wonderful thing. Why not want peace and clarity of thoughts? Why not want a mind that can be focused, still and grounded in a single moment or event at a time? Why not want to feel safe and loved inside ones own space?

So yes, people are looking for wellness that can help with all of this mind-stuff.

Then, of course people want wellness for the body. These two things are not separate. We are not separate. We are whole. Mind, body, emotions, spirit the whole package is connected.

If however, we are first simply addressing one thing.... something to ease the overload and burnout that occurs from too many emails, conversations, scheduled meetings, projects and tasks, not to mention all the thoughts that arise. Even after the days end the mind wants stillness. We are followed and potentially kept us up at night from all the above in our own minds.

All of this tension needs a bit of ease. How can we have wellness of the mind or mental health if we are stuck in a sympathetic/fight-or-flight state of being?

What can we do to slow the mind and find moments to kick the overworked and sometimes frantic thoughts so that it feels like our work day is slowing, calming and falling into moments where we are just being not responding to stress, but instead; acting in each and every moment clear and calm?

Here is what I'm compelled to ask:

Would you be willing for the next 5 days to be aware of your breathing in most moments, but especially be aware of the breath in times when stress is building?

If yes, then start with the breath. Let connecting to just the inhale and exhale (at least to make sure you ARE inhaling and exhaling fully) be the thing that gives moments of space; a pause before making the next move.

Let just the inhale be the thing to bring the mind into focus.

Let just the exhale completely release all the other stuff that clouds our focus, shadows our peace and disturbs our wellness.

I could go on. But for now Start with the breath.

So much love and service, 

Jessica Carpenter

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