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First Responders



People are becoming aware of the importance of wellness and the impact of lifestyle on health. First Responders support and serve the community and by doing so encounter large amounts of stress. Some of these stressful situations lead to what is known as Post Traumatic Stress. This type of stress can be healed with the right wellness plan.

Wellness Staffers provides a well-balanced physical yoga program that is targeted to support first responders who experience high amounts of stress specifically post-traumatic stress. Programs like these increase the desire and ability to live happy and healthy lifestyles.


Most firehouses have a gym, or exercise area on site. Offering holistic, de-stressing amenities at the firehouse supports and shows commitment to a healthier life. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and workshops geared towards healthy choices are excellent ways of creating a culture amongst the firehouse family that allows people to unwind, recharge and let-go of the things that might hold them back from being completely present in every moment.


Yoga delivered to a housing community is typically delivered as a 12 to 26-week program, at least 1-2 times a week, anywhere between 15-60 minutes in length (depending on what is scheduled for the visit). While this is typical, there is flexibility within creating a program and schedule based on the individual needs of the workplace. Discovery of these needs help design a yoga program that is meaningful and successful.

Rates: Always a special rate of $78.00 per class/visit for up to 60 minutes for up to 30 participants. Participants can include family members of first responders. 


Massage another wellness perk that is highly appreciated and in these stressful times, a great need. Massage delivered to the community is typically delivered as a 12 to 26-week package, anywhere from 1 time a week to 2 times a month depending on registration size. A visit is usually an hour or two in length where many 15-minute chair massages can be given, or 1-2 table massages. While this is typical, there is flexibility within creating a schedule that works for you. Again, discovery will help design a wellness program that works for your community.

We would love to work with you to customize a program that delivers a balanced experience.

Contact us using any method listed to start a discussion today!

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