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Companies have an opportunity to foster health, happiness, and productivity at work, to everyone’s benefit. A health-conscious company creates a culture where employees choose to live a healthier lifestyle.


A comprehensive health and wellness program offers employees education on a range of mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing topics.

People need tools and knowledge to make better health choices and new habits towards wellness. Fostering these new habits work best when the experience is shared.


As humans we work better when we are healthy, whole, and balanced. Too often we are drawn into the fast paced heavy demands of the technological age. Many times this brings us into a state of tension and stress which needs a relaxation response to follow in order to find wellness and balance. Offering a program to hit the reset button can significantly reduce stress. Wellness Staffers provides just this outlet.


Millennials form a big part of the workforce and are much more conscious of lifestyle related diseases. They are aware of being physically and mentally active, however, just like the Boomers they are hard pressed for time. Making wellness benefits available at work is a great way to attract and retain good talent.

Recognition is exactly what it takes to build loyalty and connection with others. When people feel appreciated, their happiness levels considerably increase. Happiness is part of clearing the stress from the thoughts. When an employer goes even further by offering a wellness program at work, employees become grateful and have the capacity to work from a place of wellness which supports the whole person and in turn the working environment.

Wellness Staffers understands the importance of a wellness program and we strive for excellence providing a well-balanced experience for all who attend classes and therapies. We take great pride in being a trustworthy advocate to corporate wellness programs by fully supporting these areas of life through services like yoga, massage therapy, nutrition workshops and lifestyle awareness. We believe in keeping wellness simple to make it accessible, fun, de-stressing and educative. Delivering Wellness Professionals directly to your workplace is what we do best.

A mindful, focused and productive work environment is the result of a great wellness program.

We have an extensive menu of Wellness Services that we can bring to you. Every program is customizable, so speak with us!

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