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Yoga instructors and Mindfulness Coaches are experts in a variety of breathing techniques that can calm the nervous system, cool the body, and balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. With great insight to physical alignment instructors provide verbal cueing to participants on how to stay safe and away from pain during yoga and stretch practice. This, in many cases, can be applied outside of class providing employee’s awareness of their physical body, mental and emotional wellness allowing space to opening-up to opportunities to self-adjust and find comfort and ease in any realm of life experiences. Practicing Mindfulness reminds us to slow down and be present to the moment on purpose. Gentle reminders and suggested techniques on how to practice mindfulness start new grooves in the way we respond and act in our daily lives. When we get in the groove a habit it formed YAY! 


All Level Hatha

Hatha yoga is designed to recognize each individual’s personal alignment and balance.

During each class each individual is met where they are. Hatha is a supportive style of yoga that uses props to allow individuals the opportunity to feel the complete expression of each pose even if the body is not yet at a place to fully reach the pose itself. We travel from one pose to the next giving appropriate cues so that each person can stay safe in their body, on the mat while getting a balanced yoga practice of strengthening and lengthening in the entire body.

Stretch and Strengthen at Your Desk 

Stretch at your Desk - An all level class to hit the unwind and refocus button. Done at your workstation or desk. Incorporating specialized breathing techniques to shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system. This class will include: eye strengthening exercises that help soothe eye strain, seated and standing stretches and stabilizing movements that can be done at your desk and guidance on how to use a tennis ball to work with the fascia reducing tension throughout the body. Balance body and mind with this guided mindfulness and movement practice.  

Mindfulness Practice 

Mindfulness in any environment is important, but especially in the workplace because it builds and replenished resiliency. Resiliency is the thing that helps us get the job done, recover and move on to the next step. Being mindful gives us the ability to slow down so that we are more present and aware of our in-the-moment needs. This type of mental focus helps guide our actions with calm clarity. This practices guides participants through awareness building activities that increase our ability to notice when to shift back to mindfulness throughout our daily lives. 


Chair Yoga

A practice that can be achieved from the comfort and support of a chair. Hit the reset button to get focused and give a little love to the body while calming the mind. We all need a moment of care during our busy work days. This class will be up to 60 minutes giving a plethora of poses that anyone can take back to their desk or home. Key and accessible poses will be taught to use anytime for a 3-10 minute self-practice, which will serve for a wonderful daily reset.


Pre and Post-natal Yoga 

Pre and Post-natal Yoga designed with the changes of each trimester in-mind. Preparing for birth through postures for body readiness, mental focus and emotional care.


Bring awareness to the pelvic floor and how to strengthen this deep layering of muscle. Discover how to work with and sretghen muscles to support Diastasis Recti.

Yoga nidra

The yoga of non-doing. Lay back and do absolutely nothing while your Yoga Nidra instructor guides you through deep relaxation.


The science behind Yoga Nidra is profound. The facilitator is trained to calm the participants by slowing their thought patterns, slowing the brain waves down to the point of a deep sleep, but still at a conscious level. When this deep relaxation is reached, a person’s body goes into restoration mode.


It is only in these depths of relaxation that the body’s natural functions kick-in. Feel good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin are release and that stress hormone cortisol is naturally dissolves and released here as well.


When we support the body in this way our ability to naturally think then act from a calm clear space is improved. We re-train ourselves out of fight and flight from this practice we find the peaceful place of calm silence amongst the noise.


Yoga Nidra is as needed as real physical exercise. Especially in people that lead high volume stressful lives. Talk about a reason to want to go back to work!


Hatha get up and go flow

A more fluid, energetic strength building practice with the same principles of alignment, cueing and support as the all level hatha class…. A faster paced class and higher intensity holds/poses.



Classes focus on physical postures of long traction holding (3 – 5 minute). These postures stretch and open the connective tissues or fascia of the body. This type of yoga was specifically designed to release fixation of the joint and assist with joint rehabilitation. Yin supports lubrication of joints improving joint health, lengthen and strengthens the connective tissue, gives time for muscles to relax and is beneficial for spine health. Taking a Yin class provides space for letting go of deep tensions held in the body and is great for overall wellness.



Using prop to deeply sink into each pose. Guided through a series of postures that allow us to surrender and melt until true relaxation of mind, emotion and body is found. Props assists us in balancing sensation and relaxation. This practice restores the muscles of the body, lets the mind and sensations take a backseat and take us from sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system.


Yoga for stress and trauma:

Yoga for Post-Traumatic Stress. Classes in this realm use trauma sensitive wording and poses with a purposeful theme and techniques to help release trauma and stress without having to re-experience it through thoughts or words.


Yoga for Mobility and Movement with Foam Ball Theraputic Rolling:

Using foam balls to release tension and trigger points in the deep connective tissue during a yoga for functional movement class. Learning techniques that increase mobility in the joints, decrease muscle tension and increase physical and mental performance.



Children's Yoga 

Movement through yoga poses and games that include nature based programs encourage children to develop healthy habits. These types of programs also enhance a child's ability to explore activities that connect them with nature, develops coordination skills, and fosters the ability to make positive choices through inherent kindness.


Others specialties that we can deliver include: prenatal, hatha gong and intentionally designed classes for any group of people. 

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