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Jessica Carpenter, founder of Wellness Staffers is a Registered 500 hr yoga teacher and a lifelong student of wellness and human kindness. Specializing in yoga for mobility, movement and mental wellness. With a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology. Growing-up she was no stranger to life's adversities. After years working in the corporate world she shifted her focus to holistic health and wellness practices. Recognizing that there was a need and a job to fill within the workplace surrounding employee wellness and job satisfaction. Wellness Staffers, a full-service wellness company that delivers programs, classes and workshops to the works place and residential space, was born in the summer of 2018.


Looking to customize and drive workplace wellness forward we have found that connection is key in supporting the wellness journey. It's been proven that healthier employees are happier and show higher rates of job satisfaction. That is why it is important that we take the time to build relationships with our customers and understand their needs. That way we can help them use wellness programming as a way to create a culture of wellness that is lasting, impactful and successful.


Wellness Staffers has found success in servicing large and small companies around the valley. Businesses find success in our programming. Harvard Business school found that for American-based companies medical expenses fell by $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs, and that employee absenteeism expenses fell by $2.73.


For many practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness or getting the occasional massage is a way to reset, refocus and find balance in life.  Recognizing that when we are physically in discomfort simple movement could be the key. This could also be true with mental and emotional discomforts. Wellness Staffers helps fulfill the desire to serve others by providing a space for relaxation, imagination, creativity, growth and development. Life is truly beautiful, sometimes we just need a little support to slow down and smell the roses.​

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