Welcome to my site. I am excited to have you here!

My name is Jessica Carpenter.

I am an Arizona native, mother of 4 who empowers others through yoga, movement and meditation.


One of my main focuses is providing women a safer and more aware process to recover, improve and strengthen their body, mind and spirit during all seasons of life.


A passion of mine is working with women to close the separation in their Diastasis Recti (DR or six pack muscles) because this is important, but making sure that this is done with care, as safely and appropriately as possible by finding stability and strength in the core, diaphragm and pelvic floor is lifechanging! 


Helping women reclaim love for themselves and their body is my mission.


I really enjoy geeking out and learning new and amazing things about physical, mental, emotional and social wellness. Over the years I have packed on the knowledge. I am a certified advanced yoga instructor, I have certifications in meditation and I am also a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist. I have a holistic health practitioner diploma and a degree in mind-body transformational psychology. Every year I add to my education and continue to discover more amazing ways to work with women to reclaim their health, happiness and that good old "feeling human again" status!


Being a mother of 4, my body, mind, emotion, spirt and social connection has had some ups and downs. Yoga, movement and meditation have helped me navigate and find healing on deep and subtle levels. I hope my classes, sessions and programs help you find some of the same connections to wellness. 


The classes I teach and specialized programs I provide reflect my love for a holistic approach to life. We are whole human beings with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellness needs. There are stigmas around some of these words that might point to a thought or a feeling that we are being weak or less than for needing support in one area or another; but, the truth is we should not feel less of or less than for wanting and needing to be whole. 

In 2018 I started  delivering in-person yoga, meditation and movement to: the workplace, women's prenatal and postpartum centers, after schools programs, senior living spaces, events, non-profits and to individuals. Virtual classes have now been added!

So are you ready to feel and move better? 

Join me for Free virtual classes taught live via zoom register here.


I also invite you to check out the calendar for a list of upcoming in-person pop-up classes and workshops that include: Mindful Mama Calm birthing, Prenatal Movement, DR/ Pelvic Floor, Breathing is Magic and Unwinding the Facia. Please read workshop and specialty class descriptions here. 


If you want a more personalized experience I would love to work with you one-on-one or in a smaller group setting. Please reach out for these options. We can chat and create a package, program or workshop that fit your needs. 


Hope to see you on the mat virtually or in-person soon!