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Jess and baby number 3

Welcome to my site. I am excited to have you here!

My name is Jessica Carpenter.

I'm an Arizona mamma of 4 who empowers others through yoga, fitness, movement and meditation.

I provide remote and in-person classes to a variety of people in many places and spaces. 

Here's what I can help you out with:

* Workplace - Employee Wellness Programs, Events and Classes

*Living Communities - Lifestyle Wellness Programs, Events and Classes

* Private remote or in-person: Wellness Coaching, Yoga, Meditation/Visualization, Movement and Fitness programs or classes.


* Pre-natal and Postpartum Specialized programs and classes. For this please check out Mom's Ultimate Fitness schedule and registration. 

I'm old school and social media isn't my jam. I like to meet face-to-face (even if that is virtually). You may not see many social media post from me, but I can tell you I am passionate about what I do and provide top notch classes, I create kick-ass programs and I am confident that I can play an impactful role in your wellness journey. Not only do I have the experience, but I have the education (BS in Healthy Lifestyles and Fitness) and certifications to boot. 

Please feel free to reach out if you are ready to start your wellness journey. I will get you scheduled for a free consultation.

Servicing Arizona, PHX metro in-person and virtually, and providing virtual services outside of Arizona. 

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